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The ‘Looking-Glass’ magazine is a body of work that explores female representation against the backdrop of online, digital photography and social media. This was a collaborative project working with a group of women exploring this idea and working with photography to build on a loose narrative based around the themes found in Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There’.

Like Alice, the experience of entering another reality can be considered similar to the contemporary media landscape, where one can move through the looking-glass, beyond the screen, and enter into a world that mirrors the one left behind.

The Alice figure undergoes a sense of loss as she moves through the looking-glass, into her mirror-image. She is unable to remember her name, she loses her ability to understand language and she is often reminded that she is not real. Alice represents the subject of this work, the archetype of the young woman today constructing an identity online through abbreviated text, blurred snapshot imagery and self-portraits.